Men do not communicate that well and you may be left wondering if he really loves you or not. It is important to know some of the signs to tell if he really is in love with you.

One of the most important signs is to see how much time he is spending with you. If he always has an excuse why you and him can not be together than this could be a good sign about how he really feels. But if he calls a lot and tries to surprise you with drop by visits then it can be a good sign that he really likes to be with you and spend time together.

Another great sign is if he does not notice pretty women when they pass because men are a visual people and they usually look. But if you find that he does not seem interested then this can also be a good sign that he is only interested in you.

If he shows you attention such as holding your hand or kissing this can be a good sign that he loves you. Men usually don’t like a lot of public attention and if he is showing some then this is always a great sign he is in love.

It is also important to see if you meet his close friends because a man will only want you to meet his friends and family if he has a real interest in you and wants you to be in his life.

Remember that you need to be informed so that you can better understand man.

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